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The Talking Stone is a studio project, which consists of the two members Michael Pallin (Vocals) and Olaf Kujat (Instruments). Under the generic term 'pop' their music can be summarized best. One could classify them in the past rather to the electro pop genre, however the borders have become blurred meanwhile. But they also were always keen to check out other musical styles, such as  Electro, Trip Hop, Rock, Lo-Fi or Folk.

In 1999 Pallin was front singer of the Berlin-based electric pop duo NewVember, while Kujat worked under the pseudonym Microscape. NewVember and Microscape collaborated for a couple of livegigs. As a trio they performed songs of both bands, whereat Pallin took over most of the microscape vocal parts additionally. At this point they had the idea to re-record some of the old songs anew.

Late in 2004 they started working together. Beside the re-recordings they had a lot of new interesting songs, which by and by have become more important to them. A year or so later, Kujat and Pallin decided to name their band "The Talking Stone". Between 2005 and 2008 they worked on their debut album 'Bon Voyage' - an album with a great  number of songs which also offer other tones beside electro pop. Acoustic and exotic instruments extended their sound which were played in partly by guest musicians. A 4-Track demo with extracts of the album were sent to chosen record companies. But when it did not succeed in waking their interest, Bon Voyage was not distributed.

Shortly after that, in spring, 2009 The Talking Stone opened a new chapter from which in 2012 the album In Different Colours resulted. According to the principle 'Less is more' they focussed more upon the essential. Electronics and guitars came closer together and the arrangements have more space.

After more than 8 years of collaboration Pallin and Kujat going separate ways for an indefinite time to pursue their different musical interests. Since 2009 is Pallin singer and songwriter in the band The Schräg and as of late also in the band Sorry About That :-). Kujat works recently on a new studio project.