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I don’t know where it started

And I don’t know where it ends

Everything I realize - I’m fascinated

But I don’t understand


Air locked but breathing

I keep on diving into your universe

Fascinated by it’s nature

But who are you


     Did you ever - felt this way

     Did you ever - felt the same

     Did you ever - asked yourself

     Did you ever....

     Who are you



            I’m diving into you

            And I’m - I am driving with you

            In your ocean of dreams

            In your deepest mind

            ‘cause nothing’s get lost


I won’t be back in a thousand years

I keep my eyes closed

In the darkness - I still see it all

But who are you


The places you show me

They are like presents to me

They are like paradise

I adore





Diving Pic


There’s a fire that is burning above your world

The other side of your life

The sun above - your deepest ocean

I’ll keep it shine upon you


Things are islands - in your ocean

They’re drift beside you

You have to touch the things to move them

To make a change


Recognize me - I’m your spirit

I guide you through your ways

Recognize me - I am real

In this state of your mind











Music: Olaf Kujat

Michael: Vocals, Percussion


Words: Olaf Kujat

Olaf: Keyboards, Programming



Olga Lysenko: Vocals, Backing Vocals