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        Strange Yellow


Indian girl in strange yellow in my dream

I saw your arms - wrapped around me

You with your finger tips

That touches me

I take you - in my fantasy


Mysterious sky in strange yellow over me

I feel your wartmth - down here by the sea

Like a sun that shines - over the fields

I ride you - endlessly


               I don’t want to wake up anymore

               I want to keep on dreaming

               ‘cause you give me magic eyes

               You’ve got that invisible touch

               Everything gets another surface

               Are you around - are you here


Crystal ball in strange yellow in my room

I see you glow - all day and night

You’re always talking - please answer me

You are my reality



mystic plate sy



Music: Olaf Kujat / Michael Pallin

Michael: Vocals


Words: Olaf Kujat / Michael Pallin

Olaf: Keys, Prog., Sitar, Tamboura, Percussion



Uta GŁnther: Backing Vocals