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Sweet Moments Of Happiness



   When I wake up on sunday morning

   You beside me

   I can see your smile

   I take you in my arms

   In my arms


   Lazy under a tree

                                 On a blanket with you

   Picnic in the fields

                                 And I hold your hands

   The sun is watching us

                                 Shining in the blue sky

   Kissing in the fields



     In such moments of happiness

     We should try to hold on the time

     In such moments of happiness

     I like to remember this time

     ... To remember

Sweet Moments







Music: Olaf Kujat

Michael: Vocals


Words: Olaf Kujat

Olaf: Keyboards, Programming


Photos top left (Grains), top right (Duck) & Picnic

Lutz Fuhrmann: Mandolin, Flute, Bass


(Below): Barb Reiss

Olga Lysenko: Backing Vocals